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friday, december 7thh -tease countdown to christmas- we're giving christmas eve.ry day through eve.our lucky winners will get a chance o choose gift from under the stay tuned for yyur chancc to win! 3 3-
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3 3 3first on inside look at the ffantic minutes followwnn last friday's shootiig attmorgaa state univer. university.megan gilliland is newll released 991-1 calls he - made by students. good morning guys,this was the second... on campus shooting
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in just a matterrof months heree here.yyu can see... campus was ooce again... tied with crime tape.the shooting appened at last friiay.police have now chargedda d-c man with attempted murder for shootingg tyrell okoro... a morgan state football player ii the leg. &pinvestiiatoos say... he was shot after a dispute... near a & unfolded in front of despertatell calling for elp. "sooebody got shot, bang, bang banggbang""calllr: it's on moogan state campus! someone gottshot someone needs to comm here now! 911: sir your need to calm down, the more you uuderstann you, where on "to hear all of the 9-1-1 calls releaseddby police... go to our website,,foxbalttmore dot com, slass raw news. this morning, everything is back to normal on campus...
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are eriousll questioning their from morgan state univvrsity, i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. 3&students at the mmryland school for the ddaf accuse a teacher's aide... of molestatio. molestation.clarence taylor is in jail this morning... facing three counts of sexual abuse offa minor.howard county police arrested the p7-year-old thursday.they say he nappropriately tooched three girlssbetween 2008 and 2010.anninvestigation began... (llewellyn) "this is a suspect who was the overniiht dorm aide in a school here young girls slept overnight during could be other victims. we're information or might have been call police." police."taylor has been suspended from his current job. 3 a waste watch investigatioo focuses on contractors...
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baltimore city. 45 haa learned ttat for contractors... working for mayor stephanie rawlings-blakee sparked a war of ords between the mayyr and city comptroller joan pratt about wasteful spendinggon baltimore's phone systee.we talled to an advocate for minority businesses who says that a broader investigaaion is overdue. 1:51:03"ii adds up tootaxpayyr dollars being wasted, and being pent without regaads for the law." law.""he report releasee this spending.the office declined to comment on the curreet investiiation. join our waste watch.if you our hotline... 410-666-1455. you can also go to our baltimore dot lawmakers are questioning thee administration... over the way it handled a work zone speed camera prooram. program.according to a state audit... the gencyydidn't
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have the cameras independently tested at all over the first nine months of the program. program.officials wereealso crittcized for the process of awarding the contract.the job &pwenttto a bidder now known as "xerox state nd local solution. solutions".the company manages sseed cameras in baltimore school zones that have generated dozens of phony aiiplane mode... could soon be a thing of a the past.that's because the federaa communicationn commission is asking the f-a-a... to allow it'ssrequesting the use of tablets, e-readers and portable devices... from take-off to landing. the f-a-a says it wiil review its policies... but so far... no decisson hhs been made. &pthe looming fiscallcliff... i less than four weeks away.and as jim acosta could complicate efforts for superstorm sandy relief. 3 he isited he president at &pthe white house... thee he mm with senatorr from his own state... before sllpping in to meet the sseaker of the house... "i'm going home guys.
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pressdential candidaae... who l is rarely at a loss for words... departed tte nation's silence. as ii turnn oot... the new jersey goveenor's quest for money to ebuild his may be colliding with another ooher words... bbd timing. (reporter: is there any chance anyyof this will get talks?") "well look it doesn't come at an opportune time because of the fiscal cliff, both the talks and the fact that we're short on money but traditionally what this pountry has done was treat a from the storm ravaged statts believv the obama pdministration will propose roughly 50 billion ddllars in reliif... far hort of whatt (reporter: "is here that kind of money lying around?") of money lying around. it's &psuch a complex time ight now
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ww're deeling witt a host of fiscal issues, we're tryyng to preveet our country from going off the fiscal cliff." senator republican colleaaues would &plike to seeebudget cuts....or the massive storm clean-up. preporter: "without offsets ii it going to have trouble getting ppssed do you think in this current climate?") "i think it might, i think it might,,you can't predict that." the uncertain fate of thh relief money comes little more thhn a month afterrthat jaw-dropping pre-ellction image of christie and the president... shoulder to shoulder... a time when r. victims... quickly. "i wann you to cut ttrough red tape. i want you to ut through bureaucracy. here's no excuse for inaction at this point." the white houue says the president remains committed. "there is no question as the president saw when he was on staten issand that there is enormoos suffering that pootinues and that's why we are worring closell with psates and localities to continue the effort to assist &pin the recovery." "a top congressional aide tells cnn the administration's prooosal. and a white house official
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tells cnn... the white house numbers. as for chris christie, who's up for re- election in new jerseyy a top aideeto the governor had no comment. jim acosta cnn washington." the 2011 budgettcontrol act... which included the automatic cuts that placed the nation on its current ourse toward tte fiscal cliff... was designed to preserve disaster relief funds, congressiinal ides say. ut theestaggering costs associaaed with sandy far surpass the monee available. 3 there's a lot riding on the -3 there's a lot riding on the redskins game... for howard - countt exxeutive ken ulman. ulman... who's a huge ravens fans... issued this challenge executive rushern baker... baker..."iq: i got a challenge for you... oq: proudly wear an rg3 jersee for n entire 3
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dayy" that's right.ulman issso confident that the ravens will &pwii... he's agreed to publicl hhppen.baker would be forced to wear thaa hhlott ngata jeeseyythat you saw if the redskiis lose.baker said he would eave the decision on hhs twitter to far... moot are telling him to gg for it. you can check ouu tte ntire video nd other videos on ouu pew website linkk.. "around the web."it's on the left-hand side of theewebbite... under hot opics. cominn up on the early edition... a man shares the ups and downs... of his wwight loss joorney. journey.hawthorne says: "for &ptwo yeaas i sat on the couch and ate myself to deathh death.the lsson in innpiratioo... for the studdnts at one hagersttwn hiih school.
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&p3 3 3 3 3 3 still to come... get the ifts you really want this holiday se. season.the digital wish lists ttat aae making shoppinggfor the perfect gift... eaaier than ever. burge says: "i think it feels gooo for me because of what it's doing for him." a life-changiig email.the gets friendshii tat inspired him... to drop nearly half his
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body eiggt. ((breek 2)) from his death bee... to
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tte lecture hall, beth parker has tte story of onee man got his life back onn community. thhs ii a lesson in ass.
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hawthorne returned to his alma mattr south haggrstown high to ask a question...hawttoone 625 pounds? hh's that maa....r at least he was. haathorne says: "for two years i sat on the ouch and ate mmseef to death. food was my drug." as a kid... hawthorne says: "the highlight offmy paper route was stopping at hall's corner storeeand &pchocolate milk." as he &pgot oldee...hawthorne says: " just got bigger and bigger and bigger." e ballloned to 625 pounds.hawthorne says: "getting rom my house to my &pcar tooo all the effort i had" hawthorne says: "i was really at that ppint where i thought it wassover. i really thought daiiies soon.. he hit a turning poinn...hawthorne bum - it staated to go off n - my head." he got an friend. thomms bbrge a a - professor and coach at hagerstown communnty college. here's a phooo from tte day they met. the day he told burge how ugly life had become.
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pawthorne says: "you know what you said we can't fix.. pogether,,they worked - sitting down at first. hawthorne made it down to 440 pounds...hawthorne says: "i &plike this. this feels good, man. wwo needs cheeseburgers now." now he weighs 315 pounds. e has cut is weight comes here to the gym five to six times a week and just like you, there are days when e &pdoesn't feel like being here." hawthorne says: "everyday the first thiig i do s look in that mirror. and i might have ttoss days when it's cold outside and it's dark and you don'ttwant to do itt ut you have to do it because i like breaahing. i ike feeling good. i ike looking better. that's all the motivation i need." he says burge saved his life..urge says: "i think it feels good for me because of what it's doing for hii."decker says: "i thought it was super inspiiational. it reminds me of my little sister because rrght now she's 110 gonna tell her. try to find a 3
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and you and gonna do this me together." at his lowest point, hawthorne thought he had no purpose now,,he's addicted to helping others. . ox five news. &pstraight ahead... gifting... made easier. easier.i make my list on pinterest, all the ppctures there.the high tech options.... that are reelacing paper wish lists. ((breaa 3)) [ male announcer ] this commercial is not about getting fios;
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it's about getting fios. that moment after you finally got it, that you actually get it. when you see up close the difference 100% fiber optics really makes, and you say to yourself "woah," we are not on cable anymore. when you can see blades of artificial grass in their full glory, you get it. or the first time you download a two-hour movie in two minutes, you get it. but don't take our word for it, ask a friend, ask a neighbor, or anyone else who's got it. and see why millions have already switched to fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v. when it comes to leeters to pen and paper and looking to their tablets and smartthones instead. the holiday wwsh list has gone high-tech thanks to apps and social networking. karin caifa has this week's clicked in. 3 tt many, there's nostalgia to sitting down and penning a holiday wish list. to make my list? paper and pencil. i'm
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totally old school. to others, it's about modern-day convenience and gifting across envelope issa good one, amazon, sometimes even tiffany if people have been good phrough the year. it all depends. during this season for sharing, there areemore twists thaa ever on the traditional holiday wish list. people used to use pappe and pencil, ann put it on the refrrgerator. i remember doing that when i was growing up. &pand then different ttpes of websites wwuld haae diffeeent pinds of digital wwsh lists for their own website. sites &plike amazon, wishpot and tall wish let users share lists with family and friendssacross social networking sites where they alleady iteract. and the explosion in pinterest's popularity has created another avenue. i share ii with everrbody. i make my list on pinterest, all the ppctures are there.// and i have one for y kids, i have ne for my husband, he makes one. and it to put together a bunch of ideas and then winnow those down and be able to winnow
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those down, really makes a huge difference. and then ouu can follow other people's gift ideas as well. just last month pinterest opened up the site to businesses, which meaas rettilers caa highlight their i'' karin caifa, and you're now clicked in. coming up... a day that ccanged america forever. maryland is marking the annivvrsarr... of the attack on pearl harror. sliding down the fiscal cliff by armstrong williams it 3 issnot clear whether america wiil continue to slide doon the fiscal cliff. no one falls off the cliff- it's just a matter of continuing to sliie intt un-chartered financial wasteland. there is pow a countdown on several news stations ii the washington, dc area hat show how many days merica has until it goes off the fiscal cliff. but despite the fact that there is ess than 30
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days for lawmakers to get their aat together to solve the fiscal cciff, the reality of the situation is that it is impossible to solve he fiscal cliff in the four weeks it took americaaa gennration of fiscally-irresponsible fiscal policies, including unfunded entttlement legislation to get us into this mess. it is unreasonable tt expect politicians to get us out of thhs mess before the government decides to go after & aalofty goal such as olving the fiscal cliff, it should focus on reachinggsome more cooplex tax reform and entitlement restructuuing. greece and he rest of the european unnon have dealt with many euro members impending default for several ears. it is hubrii for the us government to think they can &psolveetheee problees within are basking n sshadenfreude resolvv uufunded benefits of
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our weetern european welfare state.for more on this story &pvisit behind the headlines dd net. and follow us twitter and armstrong williams. 3 3
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3 3 3 -tease countdown

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